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Quotezone have a car insurance price comparison engine which will let you compare quotes from a wide range of brokers and insurance companies, and they will all give you the choice of whether to pay the whole amount upfront or whether you want to pay monthly. Because companies that accept monthly payments sometimes charge interest, and some charge more than others, sometimes the cheapest company for full payment upfront will not necessarily be the cheapest one if you are paying monthly.

Do bear in mind please that you need to check more than just the basic price; if you plan to change your car within the next 12 months then check the policy to see whether or not there will be a charge for altering your details in this way, and see what excess you would have to pay in the event of an accident which was considered to be your fault. Excesses have been creeping up lately so make sure that the policy you choose has an acceptable one, paying £500 so yourself towards a bump which is only cost a few hundred pounds more, and losing your no claims bonus as well as getting a large increase in premium next year may not be such a good bargain. Speaking of no claims bonuses; beware of paying extra for a protected NCB. What the insurance companies do not tell you is that although your NCB next year may well be the same if you have an accident this year, the basic premium that it is based on will almost certainly rise considerably. Many people think that a protected NCB means that there will be no rise next year in the event of an accident; that is not the case at all!

Please remember that if you take on a monthly paid insurance policy and contract to pay certain payments every month for the next 12 months insurance company will, quite reasonably, expect you to keep to the bargain. If you cancel before you have completed all the payments you are more than likely to be charged a hefty cancellation fee.

Quotezone's search engine allows you to check on how the cost of policies will vary according to the maximum mileage that you intend to drive over the coming year, and any voluntary excess that you are prepared to take on. These can sometimes make a very large difference to the premium, but sometimes they do not so these are factors that you need to think about quite carefully.

A number of insurers give you the extra option of having free legal representation or a courtesy car in the event of an accident. The first one may be worth having but think carefully about paying extra for the courtesy car. If you are not responsible for the accident you should be able to claim the cost of this from the other driver's insurance policy anyway; and a lot of insurers nowadays state that they will only provide a courtesy car if they happen to have one available at the time! This is no use, if you are going to pay extra for a courtesy car it is better to make sure that it is a guaranteed one, rather than one that may or may not appear on the day.

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